Do You Have Over 500+ Old Leads?

Let's turn them into Sales Appointments in Hours.

We will do everything for you.


Your Fully Automated Follow Up System to Convert More Sales

Use SALTBUSH AI to unlock new Sales Opportunities

Fastest way to get new sales opportunities. Done for you service.

Stand out from the competition and never miss a lead across multiple channels.


NEVER miss another lead

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Do You Have Over 500+ Old Leads?

Let's turn them into Sales Appointments in Hours.

We will do everything for you.

Wes Ward: SMS expert

"We transform Old Leads into new Sales Opportunities... using SALTBUSH AI, personalised follow up systems & my experience (including six years in SMS campaign technology).



We set everything up.

Get 20 qualified calls without spending $1 on advertising

Managing Success

Saltbush Reactivation campaigns work so well, the response needs to be managed by AI.

Think 100's of SMS's, email's, DM's and phone conversations all at the same time, trained on your company information, to set appointments.

Hugh McKewan - Principal

Hayden Ocean Grove

"It basically blew up my email inbox. After three hours I had 150 replies. After 24 hours, it was up to 280"

280 replies from a list of 730 in 24 hours

Andrew Laidlaw - Area Sales

LJ Hooker - Hornsby

"Well worth trying. Worked better than we expected and definitely helped uncover the most active buyers"

Uncovered 16 buyers & 7 Five Star Buyers with sales potential $3.46 million from a list of 363

Integrate with Outlook & Google (& CRM)

Cold Lead Reactivation Service

We re-heat, qualify and book the appointments,

so you can focus on sales

Ask about our 5x ROI Guarantee (5 only)

"Remember, I'll Set it Up for You,

Just book the call"

Does this apply to you?

Common Lead Management Issues

Lead (& Ad) Wastage

Many times leads are not maximised due to:

~ Leaky Follow Up systems

~ Poor sales admin habits

Unorganised or Unsegmented Database

Many lead database are not structured are not segmented correctly and remain unorganised and ineffective

Lead Re-Qualification

Old leads need to be re-qualified which is slow and inefficient for humans

Inbox Overwhelm

When campaigns go too well and reps cannot respond in a timely manner and hot leads begin to go cold again.

Lack Specialised Tools

Most businesses lack specialist tools and expertise to effectively and automatically engage and nurture leads

Too Staff Intensive

Humans attempting to manually reactivate old leads is extremely time consuming, tedious, resource intensive and not a cost effective use of time.

'Set and Forget' Campaigns

Let SALTBUSH manage enquiries from SMS, Social Media and Missed Calls


respond faster

Lead Reactivation Platform

The SALTBUSH platform is the engine behind this unique Done-For-You, lead reactivation campaign service.

It has been designed and configured to do the heavy lifting so you and your sales team can focus on closing the hottest prospects.

Built with Artificial Intelligence from the outset, SALTBUSH AI is designed to enable your business to harness the precision, speed and efficiency that AI provides… before your competition does.

If you want to reactivate, qualify and set appointments, across multiple communication channels, at scale, then book an appointment and be one of the first to take advantage of one of the five Performance Based Offer slots before they go.

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